Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Reno Ribs Fest!

I feel like a very bad marathon runner. BAD ME! While most fall marathon trainees did their last long runs this past weekend (probably about 10 miles), I went to gorge myself on ribs for two days. Honestly, I wouldn't feel as guilty if I had actually gotten a long run in on friday. But, did I even do that? No, not unless you count a 5-mile run as a long run.

Crikey, I'm behind. Oh well, it was worth it. I wouldn't have traded in this weekend of fun and food with some of my closest friends for a solitary long run. I'll make up for it this week. That's just the way I roll when it comes to balancing training and life.

1 comment:

sidewalk monkey said...

Yay for balance! Boo for guilt!

And I count a 5-mile run as a long run. Or, for that matter, a 4-mile run. It's all relative. You kick ass either way.