Monday, September 22, 2008

I'm old and lucky

Jog In Ocean is going to take a little detour today to do some celebrating. Today is my birthday. Now, I normally hate a big hullaballoo made about myself. But, I'm lucky enough to have a girlfriend who can cater a whole weekend involving things I like to do while everyone else is having fun in the process.

Before I get into that though, one of my dearest friends has decided to interview me today. So have a gander at my interview. Thanks May for making me feel like a special celebrity!

Now, on to the festivities...The weekend started off with dinner and drinks with a bunch of my closest friends currently in the Bay area. Dinner was a smattering of Hawaiian food and brightly colored drinks at the Hukilau in San Jose. Then, we wandered over to Hunter's to have some more drinks and unexpectedly watched a bachelor/bachelorette auction for charity there. Raquel and I didn't buy anyone, but we seriously considered certain muscular men to clean our house. I love drinks with entertainment.

On Saturday, she took me to an amazing breakfast at Los Gatos Cafe. This is a place that is known for their Omelette Souffles. I had the Crab one, and it was amazing. They had whole chunks of real crab and the hollandaise sauce was perfect. They also came with sides from the bakery: Kahlua Pound Cake (amazing) and a Peanut Butter Chocolate Muffin (just the right amount of peanut butter). Even Raquel loved this breakfast, and that's saying a lot because she doesn't like breakfast foods. Then, we went to go work some of that food off on the lake next door at Vasona Park by paddle-boating. As expected, Raquel got tired after a bit and I ended up peddling us around the lake, but it was still a lovely afternoon.

On Sunday, Raquel took us on an excursion to Monterey Bay. We drove down and explored the town, watched the locals, and wandered around Monterey Bay Aquarium. Now, as you can tell from my username, I LOVE surfing and the ocean. Any time I get to be near the water and learn about it's creatures, I'm going to be giddy. I must say that I was pretty impressed with their aquarium, but I haven't seen Maui's aquarium yet either. Finally, we ended the day with an amazing place that we found on Yelp: Monterey's Fish House. Now, if I yelped I would've given this place 5 stars. It was outstanding. If you ever find yourself in Monterey, you should definitely go here, but go early because it gets packed late at night.

Alright folks, that was my weekend. I'm extremely happy, well-fed, and pooped. Raquel even gave me enough time to go for a little run, so I at least got 4 miles in. Thank you Raquel, I had a wonderful time.


Mayumi said...

"Raquel and I didn't buy anyone, but we seriously considered certain muscular men to clean our house. I love drinks with entertainment."

You CRACK my shit up.

Also, give R a high five (ok, and a big hug) for making you happy on your big day. Wish we could have been there too.


Anonymous said...

The Maui aquarium is cool, but it's not the Monterey Bay Aquarium.. However, I highly suggest it anyway :) Glad you had a great birthday!

sidewalk monkey said...

Yay! You so deserve a happy birthday!