Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Mapping Tip

Today's training tip comes to you courtesy of my good friend, Sidewalk Monkey. The other day she reminded me about this useful tool on the internet that I've been using, but haven't gotten around to blogging about it. Thanks Sidewalk Monkey!

So I don't know about you folks, but I do get bored with overuse of the same running routes. My remedy has been to find another route using this: MapMyRun. Don't let the boring scenery, excessive bikers, or car exhaust discourage you from running outside. I've found that the key to keeping me interested is changing it up. There are bunch of neat little features that this website has. For instance, you can map out your new run anywhere in the world, and it will provide you distance markers, landmarks, and the elevation of your spiffy new run. And if you're too lazy to do play with that feature, you can always fall back on the pre-drawn routes that other people have provided for your area. It's the perfect tool when you're trying to get in your runs while you're traveling, plus it helps you to explore that unfamiliar area. Be safe out there people and know where you're going before you go.

P.S. I've also become quite attached to MapMyRide, which is the biking equivalent page to MapMyRun. It's infinitely useful for a novice biker, like myself, who likes to avoid high traffic streets.

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sidewalk monkey said...

Yay Sidewalk Monkey!


ps: I will definitely be calling on you for more info about the site. I have a feeling I could use it better--right now I'm still confused about all the features. Help, brilliant Surfrunner technically-minded-runner person!