Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Misoyaki Butterfish

So it seems that my brother has finally decided to cave into blogging. And like the good sister that I am, I'll trumpet Goo Grindz birth to the blog world and am welcoming it with open arms. Welcome Gogo! But, let it also be known that I got here a year and a half before him. ;) Funnily enough, his blog is also food-centric, but in a different way from Jog In Ocean. It must run in the family.

Anyway, in honor of his blogging attempts to promote the regional Hawaiian cuisine, I'm posting this recipe for Misoyaki Butterfish. When I was growing up, this was my favorite bento item to pick up from Shirokiya. It's definitely named butterfish for a reason, because it always flakes off and practically melts on my tongue. So when I saw Sablefish or Black Cod (also known as butterfish) on sale, I had to cook it and introduce the dish to Raquel. She loved it, and it's been filed in her top three favorite dishes. I knew I pick a girl with good taste. Serve it with a side of crisp, fresh salad topped with my Miso Vinaigrette, and you've got yourself a little taste of my childhood.

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