Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Memorial Day Weekend Special, Day 3: There's No Place Like Home

I decided that I was going to take a little running break over the three day weekend. But, I replaced it with other forms of body torture, I mean, cross training. So today, you lucky folks get three posts for the price of one as I recount each day.

Day 3 was the end of our San Luis Obispo adventure and we found ourselves back in the bay area for some relaxation, or so I thought. Having just gotten back from a road trip and noting the insane price of gas now, we were both opposed to driving around any more on Monday. Thus, it was time to break out our trusty road bikes. What was supposed to be an innocent bike trip down the street for breakfast, turned into a bike tour of our neighborhood to run every errand we missed that weekend.

Thanks to these little biking day trips, I will never take my car for granted again. As car owners, we never give a second thought about forgetting something at the store. It may be a minor nuisance to go back and pick it up, but just think about having to bike that distance instead. This is also a lesson in organization, people. GROCERY LISTS!! Learn it, Live it, Love it. On the upside, at least I got in a decent workout while saving the environment. On the other hand...I don't know if all that biking was worth saving one dollar in gas.

And that's my three day weekend folks.. Now, I'm going to let my battered, sore body rest until tonight. At which time, I'll resume my regularly scheduled training. As you can see from the graph on the right...I'm behind on my current running goal. DOH! Gotta love vacations, you always have to play catch up when you get back.

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