Thursday, May 1, 2008

I heart my iPod and Nike+

As promised, here's my ode to my running partner, Tonks, better known as my flourescent fuchsia iPod nano.

Lean and light device,
Blasting music to set pace,
Nestled in my shorts.

Ok, so my ode came out as a haiku. But I'm a lazy poet, so that's all you're getting.

In any case, I highly recommend the iPod and it's Nike+ attachment. In terms of the iPod itself, it's a workout necessity. There is no better pace setter or motivator than music. My quiet runs (sans iPod) can't even compare to a music-fueled run. I'm also very impressed with the durability. Unlike most runners, I don't like it strapped to my arm, it's in my pocket. And amazingly, it has survived several flights from my pocket to the edge of the trail. Of course it also helps that I have a protective leather covering on it.

Now, as for the Nike+ attachment, I believe this to be a revolutionary improvement to the sport. These are my favorite attributes:

1. The Pedometer. True, you can buy any pedometer and attach it to your shoe. BUT, does it actually talk to you mid-run to report your progress? I'm a sucker, I buy into the bells and whistles sometimes.

2. The Graphs. If you've activated your Nike+ account online, you can download every run and it will display them as a Speed vs. Distance line graph. It's a very convenient way to review your progress and how you run. Plus, you can improve your running from a scientific approach. Look at Takeru Kobayashi, Nathan's Hot Dog Eating world champion. He didn't win by starving himself for days and chowing down, folks. He painstakingly studied his technique and past competitions to improve. Although, I'm embarassingly not as in shape as the hot dog eater: .

3. The Online Community. When you do nose around your Nike+ account, you can drop in on forums run by other Nike+ users, set personal goals, and challenge users from all over the world. I'm competitive. I'll push myself to run those extra two miles if it means I win my online challenge against some guy in Denmark.

4. Lance Armstrong and Paula Radcliffe. Ok, this is my favorite feature. If you beat some personal best, a pre-recorded message from Lance or Paula kicks in at the end of the workout to tell you "Good Job!". Lance, Paula, and I are best buds during peak training. If I don't hear from one of them at least twice a week, I think we've broken up. Seriously though, what's a better pat on the shoulder than an award-winning athlete telling you that you're kicking some ass?! It's a truly genius feature.

Alright, I swear I'm not getting money from Nike or Apple for this review. But...if they want to hand me a tax-free check, that'd be nice. :)

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