Monday, March 29, 2010

Chicken Mole Enchilada

I just finished a fun little weekend bonding with my new puppy, Ikaika, while Raquel was out getting dirty in the wilderness on a climbing trip with her friends. For the most part, we had a good time except for some minor hiccups, ie. Kaika puking in my car, and me slamming my finger in the car door. I think my motherly instinct is starting to kick in, because I didn't even feel the pain of my finger when I "saved" my pup from getting run over by a car. Oh well, at least I can still type, sorta.

So, I spent Friday night doing what any other young, swinging, single-for-the-weekend woman would do. I stayed home, crate-trained my puppy, watched TV, and made Chicken Mole Enchiladas. Alright I admit it, my party days are long gone and I get tired by 9. It's ok, I gave up the illusion that I can still live like a college student a long time ago. And thank goodness, because I was either starving or eating crap back then. This home-made quick mole sauce was much more enjoyable than a night of getting wasted and watching bad decisions being made around me. I've always wanted to truly make mole from scratch, and some day I will. This recipe doesn't exactly count, because I only used one type of chile and took some short cuts. The process of making a genuinely complex and traditional mole takes days of toasting, grinding, and simmering a million ingredients. But, for a shortcut, this recipe was fantastic!

And as I sat there post-dinner, watching bad reality TV and reminiscing my old party days, I fully embraced beginning this new chapter of my life. Because, I can't describe the huge satisfaction I felt when at the end of the night, Kaika gave me a sleepy look and walked into his crate and laid down to sleep by himself. Here's hoping that I can keep up a good job as a new dog mommy.

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Jolene said...

wow jen, you've been cooking up a storm lately! everything looks and sounds delicious. i made the mole from scratch using tyler florence's recipe. it was pretty good, but wasn't super authentic tasting. it kind of tasted like zippy's chili actually. haha.

i'm still on my japanese food kick, but am also now branching into healthy chinese foods like congee. i just bought some job's tears (chinese pearled barley). ever cooked with this before?