Friday, April 25, 2008


So one of the big reasons I started this blog is because I've hit a motivational slump in my training. Everyone gets this, running or otherwise. How are you supposed to get excited about putting yourself through torture? Working out for 2-3 hours, 6 days a week can become monotonous and painful. What possesses people to pull themselves out of a warm bed at 5 am to traipse around in the freezing cold all in the name of fitness? Secretly, I think it's because of people like Jessica Alba (circa "Into the Blue"). Girls want bodies like her or boys/girls want to get hot bodies to attract someone like her.

But, for the hardcore lovers of this sport I'd like to think that their reasons are a lot less shallow. I'm assuming they run to improve their health; to fundraise for a well deserving organization; to destress; or to enjoy the purity of running itself. My original reasons were far less altruistic. I just wanted to prove I could finish a half-marathon just like the rest of my Bay Area friends. was indirect peer pressure. But, after a while I actually appreciated running for what it was to me, the physical expression of me taking better control of my life. Ok, I admit it.. I also bought into all those Nike commercials with the incredible athletes that looked like they owned the road. But, who wouldn't want that???

As always though, life gets in the way and takes over. You figure out that you have a lot better things to do than stare at the pretty trees while you torture your body. The monotony has driven me to become slightly disenchanted. And that's where this running journal and the internet comes in. C'mon people, share your stories. Tell me I'm not the only idiotic one doing this. Why do you guys run?

p.s. Getting Jessica Alba's body may not be my primary motivation, but it'd be a nice side effect.


sidewalk monkey said...

well...i run because
a) i totally want jessica alba's body,
b) i want to feel all hardcore and tough, even if i only run two miles at a go, and MOSTLY because
c) i feel really good and balanced after a run. seriously, it helps me sleep, it makes me want to eat healthy foods, and it's the most effective mood stabilizer i've found.

yay! i'm glad you started a blog!

Mayumi said...

already, i am soooo hooked by your blog. you're a hilarious and fun writer!! :)

why do i run (occasionally)? because...

1) I treat bacon, cupcakes, and doughnuts like the long-lost 5th food group.

2) I want Marisa Miller's body. ( Haha, I know, dream on.

3) EXCELLENT stress relief, because it's an hour or so that ALL I can do is run and listen to my iPod. I can't write or edit or procrastinate on writing/editing or feel bad for procrastinating. I can only run and listen to music. Soooo relaxing.

4) Because if you can push through that uncomfortable/semi-painful first part of the run, the endorphins kick in and you get the natural high part. Excellent!

5) If I run, I feel less bad about the bacon and doughnuts. haha.


SurfRunner said...

=) Thanks you guys, i'm glad i started it too. and aww...Thanks May!! That truly means a lot coming from a writer, especially one as talented as you.

All excellent reasons girls. keep running!

Mayumi said...

also, RE: the anagrams?

for a wordie (editor/writer), i am appallingly bad at anagrams, scrabble, and other word games. i am convinced it actually uses a different part of your brain, the part more akin to puzzles and sciency stuff, and that's why i suck at them. i actually had to take up pen and paper to figure out that jog in ocean really did spell your name. LOL. and i am not going to even TRY to find an anagram of "may in the bay."

Raquel said...

Baby, you are so silly. One, you are amazing and you look great, healthy, and beautiful. Actually, you need to eat more ice cream and lava cakes. Two, how the heck are you able to get through Into the Blue? How long can you watch Jessica Alba swim for?

SurfRunner said...

Don't hate on Jessica Alba. She's a fantastic swimmer. In fact, I think we should watch that movie tonight so that I can point out her good form. =)

Mayumi said...

I'm with Raquel: you're beautiful & you need to eat more lava cakes.