Sunday, April 27, 2008

Learn balance, Daniel-san.....Balance.

A huge problem with my training has been learning how to balance my life with my regiment. I've always been slightly envious of those life-long runners who can seemingly weave their social lives into their running schedules seamlessly. Not only that, but they even manage to effortlessly stay on track with the standard athlete diet. I realize that I'm putting these people on a pedestal, but I've got to have role models.
Unlike them, I'm a late bloomer when it comes to running. I think I may have even cheated on my 1.5 mile run test in highschool PE (I was one lap short, shh...don't tell). So naturally, I've also had a hard time changing how I eat. I'm a Hawaii-born girl. We like to eat a huge variety of different foods...and we like to eat a LOT of it. Now, I'm never going to be able to change my taste or the fact that I'm an innate foodie. But, I'm dedicated enough to my goal to agreeably suffer through a daily menu that has less panache than normal. That being said, I can't exactly force my friends and family to do the same.

This past weekend was my monthly mahjong night. A time when I can have my close friends (L and J) over to play mahjong with my girlfriend, Raquel, and me. (Note: I'm using my gf's full first name because she's already revealed herself in my comments.) Now usually this fun-filled night involves elaborate cooking and quite a bit of drinking. Luckily, it was my turn to host this often boisterous bacchanalia, which means that I could create healthy dishes as well as abstain from too much alcohol. But as always, my good intentions were wrestled to the ground.

I did manage to create a meal which was healthy and tasty: Brown Rice, Sauteed Baby Bak Choy, and 2 whole steamed fish (chinese style: ginger, green onions, light soy sauce, and sesame oil). However, I fell off the band wagon as soon as J popped open the first bottle of white wine. Between the 4 of us, we downed 3 entire bottles of wine and Raquel didn't even drink a whole glass. Now if I had only cheated with the alcohol I wouldn't feel as guilty. But how could I refuse Raquel's request for Chocolate Lava Cake and ice cream? How could anyone?

Overall, it was night of decadence and gluttony. And now the guilt is slowly creeping over my shoulders just as the dark chocolate was slowly oozing out of that lava cake. I'm dreading my next run and how lethargic my limbs will feel. But hey...if you do the crime, you better be able to push through the punishment. And for now, that will be my balance. Next time, my balance will involve no ice cream and only one glass of wine. Stop giving me that look people, I need to be setting achievable goals in the beginning!

L and J, even though I competely over-indulged, that was a fantastic night! Thanks!

Gluttony = 1, Surfrunner = 0.

Back to running...
Note: I'm writing this post after I helped another close friend celebrate his bday this morning with a smorgasbord of greasy dim sum. sigh...Moral of the story: If you're going to cheat, go all the way.


Mayumi said...

you see?! you see?! blogging is TOTALLY addictive. and so is reading blogs. in particular, your blog! way to blog!!!!!

Re: "if you're gonna cheat, go all the way" ... again, like i said before, move over, Confucius.


Anonymous said...

Hey there! I bet you can't guess who this is? :) I stumbled on your blog thanks to a link from Mayumi and I'm super impressed to see that you're running and training! It's been ages, we should reconnect! Send me an e-mail: